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The R.O.P.E.S. Investigations researches and investigates strange phenomena and paranormal activity.
The Queen House is a private residence located in Alcoa, Tennessee about 20 south of Knoxville. The owners of the
house have resided here for a very long time and have been witnessing some very strange phenomena inside their
home. We've spent several evenings in the home with our equipment setup at strategic locations trying to capture
audio and video of this phenomena. The homeowners have not been scared of this phenomena until now, since the
capture of the EVP's below.  

Ghostly Shadow: On multiple occasions, they have seen a shadowing figure moving inside their hallway towards
their bathroom. This ghostly shadow has not been seen any where else in the house. This ghost has not caused any
type of interference or problems with the home owners except for the rising curiosity of what it is and why it's there.
There has not been any explanation for what is causing this shadowy figure to appear (such as a shadowy reflection
of light) or for why it only moves in the same direction every time. At this time, we have not been able to capture this
phenomena on video.

Missing Watch: Being a creature of habit, one of the homeowners has a habit of placing her watch on her end table
every night after coming home from work. She always places this watch in the same place every day of her life and
then puts it on again when she leaves for work, except this time. The morning after she placed this watch on the end
table as she has always done, the watch was not there. Thinking the watch may have fallen off this table, she started
looking for it under the table and surrounding areas. After not being able to find her watch, she asked her husband
to help her find the watch. They picked the table up and moved it out of the area, they moved the chair beside the
table, and even lifted the couch up to look under it. After searching for this watch for several months, over and over
again, the watch magically appeared on the same table where it was placed. No one else has been in the house
during this time frame and neither owner placed the watch back on the table. To this day, there still is no explanation
to what happened to this watch.

The Basement: The basement under the Queen House has also been
the scene of some very strange and scary phenomena. The owners
have heard some strange noises coming from inside their basement
when no one was down there. Under their front porch there's a small
room blocked in with only 1 entrance at the end. This room is long and
rectangular, there are no windows in this part of the basement, and this
room is very dark and cold. This room is only used for storage for old
funeral flowers plus an old bed at the end. Upon entering this room you
can feel a presence in there. During our investigation we were able to
capture some EVP of this phenomena. This EVP was recorded while asking questions of the presence in this room.
The voice in this recording sounds like he's saying "I'm scarred" and "Hide". None of these sounds could be heard by
the naked ear, only during playback did we hear them.

We believe the "I'm scarred" EVP sounds like an uneducated person or southern person with a southern draw trying
to say "I'm scared".

The "Hide" EVP seems to be saying he's here to hide out from someone or something. Click on the media files below
and make your own decisions about this strange phenomena.

These strange and unexplained sounds were also recorded in the same room at the same time. At this time we are
not sure exactly what they are or mean.
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Queen House: Alcoa, Tennessee
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