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"Residual Haunting"

A Residual Haunting is exactly like a video playback of a historic or tragic event. The event unfolds in front of you and
there is no interaction between you and the ghost. They seem to not notice your presence and go through the motions
of the event that happened in the past. This event has been imprinted on the area or the building and is played back
when the conditions are just right. The ghosts you see in this type are not earthbound spirits. They are just "Visual
Playbacks" of past events. Since everything is made up of energy, even thoughts and emotions, some of the energy
from an event can be recorded by certain materials such as rocks and metals. Remember that video and audio tape is
just oxidized (rust) film that enables the images and sounds to "stick" to it. It is then played back when something triggers
it. Exactly what is the trigger is still unknown but there have been many experiments being conducted in the recent years
to find out what they may be. This type of haunting might be frightening when you see it, but you are in no danger so
enjoy the experience.

"Spirits of The Deceased"

The second type of a haunting is an interactive spirit that manifests in many ways. You may see a full bodied apparition
or partial bodied apparition. More frequently than that, you may hear voice, music, footsteps, etc. You may also smell
odors which sources cannot be found (i.e cigarette smoke when no one smokes). You may also see orbs, mists, and
other light effects. You might feel touches from unseen hands, cold spots, and other physical contact. This ghost is the
spirit of a deceased human.

An earthbound spirit is a human spirit that has not passed over yet. They have not gone on to the next level, the
light,and heaven, whatever you choose to call it. They remain behind, here on earth, and they account for many ghost
sightings and haunted places. The reasons vary for this. Some are complicated and unique to that spirit and others are
simple to understand and relate to. Here are a few of the most common reasons a spirit remains earthbound. Some
Spirits remain near or at the site of their death especially if it was sudden and unexpected. They remain confused and
don't know or accept that they have died. These spirits remain in the area and try to make contact with anyone that
passes by that is sensitive to spirits. This type of spirit can be found almost anywhere a death has occurred.

Sometimes a spirit realizes that it is dead and that life continues beyond that. They don't go to the light for some
reasons such as the fear that their existence will end, fear of the unknown, fear of going to hell or being judged for
whatever they may have done in their past. These spirits are bound here because of their own fears.

Other spirits stay behind to take care of unfinished business. It might be to make sure their loved ones are okay or to
pass on one final message. If the deed they are attempting to finish is complicated, they will often contact the living to
assist them. In many cases the living are unsure of what the spirit wants and it adds to the length the spirit spends here.
Almost anything that a spirit feels compelled to do before it moves on can make it remain here until it feels comfortable
with how they have left things.

Guilt can also be a reason for a spirit being stuck here. They may feel like they have left the family or loved ones too
soon. This is also the main reason why suicide victims and other spirits whose death was caused by their own actions
remain behind. They feel guilty over taking their own life.

The living can also hold a spirit here. By not letting go of them, they can be bound here by our love and unable or
unwilling to move on until their loved ones can come to terms with the loss. This happens when people go beyond the
normal grieving process and become obsessed with the deceased person. They feel that they left things unsaid,
undone, etc., and feel guilty over it. This keeps the spirit from moving on simply because it does not want us to feel this
way or be that upset.

These human spirits are the same as they were in life, so they can be good or bad, but not really evil. Think of all the
people you know, probably a bit of good and bad, some worse then others. This type can cause some scary situations
but you must think about the situation they are in, you don't see them but they see you. They will try to get your
attention anyway they can. People will contact and say that the lights are going on and off, items are moving by
themselves and they are hearing strange noises. Often this is a terrifying event for the people involved but for the most
part these are just attention-getters and nothing more. These human spirits account for the majority of the hauntings we
encounter and are relatively harmless. Yes, there are extreme cases and sometimes they can cause dangerous
situations, but this is not the norm.
Strange phenomena, ghost, paranormal activity, and haunting are just mere words used to describe the unexplained,
even though they all vary by definition within certain degrees. Not only is there different types of hauntings, but also for
very different reasons. Below, we will discuss some of these strange phenomena and why they happen.  
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"Non Human Spirits"

This type of "ghost" is not a rare one, but they do not interact with the living in the same frequency or at least as noticeably as human spirits do.
They are non-human spirits, commonly known as demons, angels,thought forms and the list goes on. This type is dangerous and can do you harm.
These non-human spirits often disguise themselves as friendly and helpful human spirits to gain your trust. They often appear in cases dealing with
Ouija boards, black magic, and satanic worship.


The word comes from the German term poltern- "to knock" and geist- "spirit". This phenomenon has been researched extensively for years. There
are a few different theories on what poltergeists are. Here is the most popular and researched theory in its most simple form. A typical poltergeist
haunting seems to always consist of noises, such as loud knocking, and objects moving on their own. The activity tends to be on the violent side.
There can also be voices, smells and apparitions in addition to other symptoms. Usually these events are witnessed by numerous people in the
home including visitors. Things usually start slow with small noises and small objects moving and then can progress to things like large furniture flying
around the room and full-bodied apparitions appearing. The exact events differ from case to case as well as the progression and severity. Normally
there is one person who seems more affected then others and is always present in the home when theses events occur. When that person is
removed from the home the events normally cease. This person is usually a preteen female whose changing hormone levels and the stress of that
age combine and finally release subconsciously in a way that causes the poltergeist activity. The person is causing the entire phenomenon with their
subconscious mind and is not aware that they are the cause. When they are relieved of the stress, sometimes by moving from the home, the
problems stop. If the stress or underlying causes continue, the haunting seems to follow them.

Poltergeists are not often easily discernible from other types of spirit hauntings. The symptoms are often very similar. An on-site investigation and
extensive research are often necessary to uncover the hidden existence of this type of phenomenon.
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