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source of them, as we were headed down the stairs and out into the hall I noticed what appeared to be a “Shadow
Person” peering out of the doorway at the end of the hall in the room to the left, (This room comes into play in the next
days investigation). I gave chase down the hall to see if I could document this, but when I got to the room there was
nothing there!

So we headed downstairs to the basement to get warm by the fire for a few, and as we were going down the stairs, I
noticed another shadow moving into the area of the “Slave Dungeon”, again I followed, and NOTHING! We decided to
do an EVP session in there. As we were conducting the session we kept hearing things in the other room or upstairs.
We left this area and again multiple shadows were moving about the rooms in the basement, to be totaly honest it was
kind of creeping us out a little cause we haven’t seen this many shadows in the previous investigations.

We went into the room in the basement where the old cistern is and there is a old wood burning stove in there that has
what looks like an old gold chain or something similar to that. We were moving the chain around and something DID
NOT LIKE THAT!! We started hearing alot of movement in the room, it sounded like the plywood and steel plate that are
covering the cistern were being moved out of the way as if something or someone was coming out of it! This startled us

As soon as we stopped moving that chain around, everything ceased. Nothing else seemed to happen the rest of the
night, so we pulled up our chairs to the fire and went to sleep for a few hours.

The next nights investigation would prove to be even more eventful. I invited a couple new friends that I met here on Dec
18 investigation. Jeff and Rachel met us at the hotel around 7:30 that evening. Again we started in the attic and were
going to work our way down. We put some equipment on the chair with the doll sitting in it, we were using our digital
recorders a PX device which has over2000 word database that spirits can manipulate and speak to you in real time as
well we were using a K2 meter which detects electromagnetic frequencies which spirits are made of(energy). As I was
conducting an EVP session, Jeff said he was looking around the room and over his left shoulder, there appeared to be a
shadow of a child cowering down as if it were trying to hide or something.

As Jeff says in his testimony that is also on the site in The Ghost Stories Section, everything we saw that night was a
dense, dark black, hazy and had a smoky consistency to all shadows that we saw throughout the night. Teresa(one of
my investigators) was standing in the little room up in the attic, as I was continuing to ask questions, I asked if there was
a little girl here with us and my K2 device lit up solid, and at this same exact time Rachel and Jeff said they saw a small
dark shadow form right in front of Teresa and moved out of the doorway and to the chair and this is when the K2 lit up.
We finished up here and went back down stairs to warm ourselves by the fire, and as we entered the room we could
smell something strange, it actually smelled like gun powder.

Throughout the entire night we kept looking through the doorway that leads to where the cistern is and each and every
time there was a shadow figure peering out of the doorway of what I think was an old shower room or laundry room
interestiing thing is this happened more than a dozen times thru out the night.

At one point that room was so dark, you couldnt see any light whatsoever coming through the doorway, and all of a
sudden we see this shadow form and it was darker then the dark. It started to move through the doorway and it started
moving up the staircase and as well as moving up the opposite wall. This only lasted a brief time before it started to
dicipate and move back into the other room, and when it was gone the room was partially lit up again enough to make
out some objects that were in there.

At on point we were in the Slave Dungeon doing an evp session and again everything got darker then the dark and I
witnessed a mist moving in through the doorway and it came to a stop in between Teresa and Rachel as if it was sitting
in the old school desk that is in that room and then it just vanished. It was a very cold night, but throughthe entire night
we kept geting drafts that were extremely colder than what the weather was. At one point we were in the living area (The
Piano Room) and we could hear footsteps that were actually making the floorboards creek, this happened a couple
dozen times or so. WE were still seeing all these shadows in the other room as this was going on.

As I was standing near the doorway, it sounded like something had picked up one of my dvr cameras(couldnt tell which
one) that was stationary on a tripod and threw it to the floor and then it also sounded like on of the cables was picked up
and thrown to the floor as well. Just a few seconds after hearing this I felt something grab my leg, just above my knee, i
could feel fingers gripping around my leg, this was a first for me as an investigator, it was EXCITING!!!

We went up to the second floor to see if we could find my camer that was either thrown or fell over, but everything was
as it should be. We noticed it was extremely colder on this floor then it was on any other floor. We walked this floor
awhile and ended up at the end of the hall in the room at the left. As we were getting ready to leave this room, Jeff
noticed that the windows were iced over on the inside of the windows, I thought this to be normal until we checked the
other rooms on this floor and none, I mean none of the other windows in hte house were like this. We went back down to
the basement to get warm, and again more shadows. It seemed like every single door, nook and crany we looked at
there was some sort of shadow.

Jeff and Rachel left around 4:30am and said that they had a severe feeling of being watched as they were leaving.
Teresa and I stayed the rest of the morning there by ourselves, but nothing much happened other then a few knocks
and bangs.

I have only one word to describe this great Morse Mill Hotel and that is AMAZING!!!!
Until Next Time, Happy Hunting!!!

Click the link below to view some of our investigation videos for the Morse Mill Hotel.
Morse Mill Hotel
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Stephen Wiseman
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Morse Mill Hotel 12/31/10
On New Years Eve we went back to The Morse Mill Hotel to investigate again,
for the third time! I can’t get enough of this Fabulous Location! We didn’t
arrive until late that night so we didnt set up our DVR systems, we
investigated with a mini DV camcorder and a Full Spectrum Camcorder
as well as our digital Recorders.

From the moment we entered the building you could feel a real heaviness in
the air and a feeling of dread like these spirits did not want to be bothered at
all, but we started to investigate anyway. We started in the attic and planned
on working our way down floor by floor. As we were investigating upstairs we
kept hearing footsteps below us, so we went to see if we could find the
Solar/Geomagnetic Field Monitor
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