East Tennessee Ghost Seekers
The R.O.P.E.S. Investigations researches and investigates strange phenomena and paranormal activity.
As everyone started showing up we had an interesting mix. 2 US Marines, and their Ladies. And 3 girls and 1 guy from a
local Bank, friends of Patricks. We started the investigation in the Attic. We used a K2, EM Pump, and a spirit box. We
started an EVP session and K2 session. Keeping it simple I was asking questions, only light the K2 if you answer yes, do
nothing if a no. I asked if they understood and it immdeiatly lit up full bore. Earlier in the summer I visited, and at that
time verified that I was enaging a child spirit. As I probed we confirmed we engaged a spirit that claimed to be a child.
We could not confirm boy or girl just between 5 and 7 of age.

I just happened to look left and something was looking at me from around the corner, as we entered the basement to
warm up in the fireplace room. I told the guy next to me if he sees it, he did so I confirmed I wasnt seeing things. The
weirdness is it lingered, for almost a creepy minute. I announced I was going to move closer, and it stayed till I got within
8 ft and bolted into the staircase. Like a dark bolt of lightning yet speeding along with form.

If my football team moved like these shadows we would rule the game. We then used the voice box, with a 2048 word
database and recorded the following thru questioning:

>The spirits lost a child on the Hotel property, who went by the name of Albert.
>Albert died from falling out of a very tall tree, hitting his head on a huge rock.
>Wife’s name is Edna, and she was murdered.
>Asked if he killed her, and was told No.
>Asked if Bertha did it, and everything ceased no more communication. The frigging box went silent

This questioning took place over the span of an hour. The session was so intense several woman there conveyed they
had been so moved by the evp session that it reduced them to tears, virtually sobbing.

Click the link below to view some of our investigation videos for the Morse Mill Hotel.
On Dec 18th I was invited to a special get together, here at the Morse
Mill Hotel. I traveled 7 hrs from my home in Eastern Tennessee, my
name is Steve. I arrived at approximatly 3PM and met with Patrick, the
owner and savior of this important historic location. Patrick and myself
were the only ones in the house, so went down to the Basement to
start the fireplace that can warm the bones. This is when the activity
started.  While loading the wood into the fireplace, we started hearing
foot steps above us in the empty upper floor.

I went to the car and upon return Pat said something flashed across
the room. “It was so fast all I can tell for certain is it was about the size
of a 5 ft 8 inch person, but moving far quicker than a person. Like if
you are on the freeway, and cars are flashing by, that kinda speed”
said Patrick.  Patrick doesn’t stick around much. He left at this point.
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Morse Mill Hotel 12/18/10
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