East Tennessee Ghost Seekers
The R.O.P.E.S. Investigations researches and investigates strange phenomena and paranormal activity.
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If you have an emergency or need to talk with us right away, please contact me using the phone # above.

If you would like to receive some general information or inquire about having us conduct a paranormal
investigation on your property, please contact us using the email address on the left or by clicking below.


Please provide any pertinent information about your suspected haunting in your email
so we can better serve you.
Below you will find some of the typical questions we'll ask you during your interview process, please provide us with
as many answers to these questions as possible when contacting us so we can expedite your investigation and have
a better understanding of your paranormal experiences.

  1. What's the address of the property in question of paranormal activity?
  2. Do you own or rent the property in question?
  3. How many occupants live at the suspected location?
  4. What are the occupants names and ages?
  5. What are the occupants occupations?
  6. What are the occupants religious beliefs?
  7. How long have you lived at this address?
  8. Do you or any of the occupants have any prior paranormal experiences?
  9. How old is the property in question?
  10. How many previous owners/residents have lived there before you?
  11. Do you know if any tragedies or deaths have occurred on the property?
  12. Are any of the occupants on any type of medications?
  13. Do any of the occupants drink alcohol heavily?
  14. Are any of the occupants interested in any type of occults?
  15. Has anyone from your church or clergy been consulted?
  16. Are there any witnesses to your phenomena outside of your family?
  17. Has there been any unusual odors like perfumes, flowers, or sulfur?
  18. Have there been any unaccountable sounds?
  19. Has there been any voices heard, whispering, shouting, crying, etc.?
  20. Has there been any objects moving by themselves?
  21. Has there been any levitations?
  22. Has there been any uncommon cold or hot spots?
  23. Has there been any problems with electrical appliances or lights?
  24. Are any occupants having problems sleeping or nightmares?
  25. Have there been any physical attacks?
  26. Do you have any pets and if so have they been affected?
  27. When was the first occurrence of the phenomena?
  28. What was the witnesses reaction during the phenomena?
  29. How long did the disturbance last?
  30. Who first witnessed the phenomena?
  31. What time was it when the first occurrence started?
  32. How often does the phenomena occur?
  33. Do the occupants feel the phenomena is threatening?
  34. What do the occupants believe is happening?
  35. Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening?
Interview Questions About Your Paranormal Experiences
Stephen Wiseman
(865) 560-6800
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