East Tennessee Ghost Seekers
The R.O.P.E.S. Investigations researches and investigates strange phenomena and paranormal activity.
Preparing for our arrival:

  • Please confine your pets for safety reasons as well as audio noise.
  • Please Do Not invite anyone else over. The fewer people the better.

Our arrival:

  • Normally at least 3 team members will assist with your investigation.
  • Permission and confidentiality forms must be filled out before investigating.
  • An interview will be conducted with any/all possible witnesses.
  • Our equipment will be brought in and setup.
  • A tour of your home/property will be conducted under your supervision with an accounting of any strange phenomena and/or paranormal

Setting up our equipment:

  • After the tour is completed, we will assess the property and setup our equipment.
  • Placement of infrared cameras throughout your property.
  • DVR setup at a centralized location.
  • Test conducted with EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).
  • Test conducted with EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields).
  • Test conducted for Temperature changes/variations.
  • Photos taken of property.

Completion of our investigation:

  • After we complete our investigation, we will pack up our equipment and clean up any disarray we may have caused with our equipment.
  • Review any recorded data for audio/video disturbances.
  • Copies of any suspected paranormal activity will be provided to the property owner via cd/dvd or email along with possible explanations of
    any strange phenomena.

Best time for investigations:

We prefer to perform our investigations overnight or at least a minimal of 4 hours in the evening if that better suits you. After dark provides
better responses for equipment with less interference:

  • Outside noises
  • Less road traffic, horns blowing, music thumping, etc
  • Kids playing, yelling, screaming, audio interference
  • Dogs or other animal noises
  • Visitors popping in unannounced
  • Lawn mowing, leaf blowers, trimmers, etc.
  • Utility workers causing electrical interference or noise
If you are, we can help. East Tennessee Ghost
Seekers (formerly known as The R.O.P.E.S.
Investigations) is a non-profit organization that
not only researches paranormal activity, but
also provides answers and support, free of
charge. All expenses are paid for by the

We are a fully equipped group of investigators
based out of the Knoxville, Tennessee area.
We are prepared to come into your home,
business or property, setup our surveillance
equipment, and conduct a confidential
paranormal investigation. Any evidence
collected during the investigation will not be
made public without homeowner, business
owner or property owner consent.

We not only investigate strange phenomena,
we also provide a little peace of mind with our
experience and knowledge. Browse through
our website, join our forums, and contact us if
we can be of assistance.
Solar/Geomagnetic Field Monitor
Solar X-rays:


Geomagnetic Field:


Our Paranormal Investigation Process
Stephen Wiseman
(865) 560-6800
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Are you or someone you know experiencing strange phenomena?

Have you witnessed paranormal activity?
Our service areas include all of Tennessee and surrounding
states, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.
We've performed many paranormal investigations in Missouri
and as far as Ohio.
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